Break Announcement

So we're at the end of another book and it looks like things are getting a little hairy! Like it says above, be sure to come back here every day starting Monday for a new update until we get back to the main story!

Working on the comic these past few years have been some of the best in my life, and I'm still eager to keep working on it. The support and encouragement from you, the readers, has just been incredible, and it's thanks to that support that I've been able to keep doing this as my full time job.
The comic will always be free to read online, but if you find value in it and want to help out, I have several ways! For example, did you know I do Extra Comics sometimes? They are free also, but you can donate if you like them.
I also have a store at Topatoco where I sell some bits and pieces!
I can also take donations through Paypal, and lastly, I have a Patreon page which has been a huge help. If you have a spare few bucks a month you'd like to chip in, please check it out!

Thanks again, and I hope you continue to keep reading.

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Chapter 1: The Shadow and the Robot

Chapter 2: Schoolyard Myths

Chapter 3: Reynardine

Chapter 4: Not Very Scary

Chapter 5: Two Strange Girls

Chapter 6: A Handful of Dirt

Chapter 7: Of New And Old

Chapter 8: Broken Glass And Other Things

Chapter 9: Questions and Answers

Chapter 10: Doctor Disaster

Chapter 11: Dobranoc, Gamma

Chapter 12: Mainly Involves Robots

Chapter 13: A Week for Kat

Chapter 14: The Fangs of Summertime

Chapter 15: Red Returns

Chapter 16: A Ghost Story

Chapter 17: The Medium Beginning

Chapter 18: S1

Chapter 19: Power Station

Chapter 20: Coyote Stories

Chapter 21: Blinking

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Chapter 23: Terror Castle of the Jupiter Moon Martians

Chapter 24: Residential.

Chapter 25: Sky Watcher and the Angel

Chapter 26: the Old Dog's Tricks

Chapter 27: Spring Heeled

Chapter 28: Spring Heeled, Part 2

Chapter 29: A Bad Start

Chapter 30: The Coward Heart

Chapter 31: Fire Spike

Chapter 32: From the Forest She Came

Chapter 33: Give and Take

Chapter 34: Faraway Morning

Chapter 35: Parley and Smitty Are In This One

Chapter 36: Red Gets a Name

Chapter 37: Microsat 5

Chapter 38: Divine

Chapter 39: The Great Secret

Chapter 40: The Stone

Chapter 41: Changes

Chapter 42: Catalyst

Chapter 43: Quicksilver

Chapter 44: Crash Course

Chapter 45: Thread

Chapter 46: The Realm Of The Dead

Chapter 47: See Ya!

Chapter 48: Tall Tales

Chapter 49: The Torn Sea

Chapter 50: Totem

Chapter 51: The Tree

Chapter 52: Sneak

Chapter 53: Annie And The Fire

Chapter 54: Meetings and Re-Meetings

Chapter 55: The Breakout

Chapter 56: New Data

Chapter 57: Get It Together

Chapter 58: A Big Day!

Chapter 59: Jeanne