Tom 28 Oct 2016 | 12:00 AM

Break Announcement

So we're at the end of another book and it looks like things are getting a little hairy! Like it says above, be sure to come back here every day starting Monday for a new update until we get back to the main story!

Working on the comic these past few years have been some of the best in my life, and I'm still eager to keep working on it. The support and encouragement from you, the readers, has just been incredible, and it's thanks to that support that I've been able to keep doing this as my full time job.
The comic will always be free to read online, but if you find value in it and want to help out, I have several ways! For example, did you know I do Extra Comics sometimes? They are free also, but you can donate if you like them.
I also have a store at Topatoco where I sell some bits and pieces!
I can also take donations through Paypal, and lastly, I have a Patreon page which has been a huge help. If you have a spare few bucks a month you'd like to chip in, please check it out!

Thanks again, and I hope you continue to keep reading.