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Tom 7 Apr 2008 | 12:00 AM

Evening, friends. The release of the first, proper Gunnerkrigg Court book is drawing near! You can now go to just about any Amazon store and preorder the book to ensure you have a copy as soon as it's released. You don't just have to go to
In fact, if you can buy from Amazon in your country, chances are you can order the book there. The more orders that get put through in time for the book's release, the more successful everything will be, and I'll be able to continue working on the story. Remember, you don't have to buy it on-line either; you can ask for it at your local comic or book store and they should be able to order it in for you.
So, if you've enjoyed Gunnerkrigg Court so far and wouldn't mind a 300 page colour hardback for yourself, or if you know someone who would enjoy it, but doesn't like reading comics on the computer, please order a copy or two as soon as you can!